• Topa De Coda Espresso Coffee

    The No.1 Espresso Coffee Brand, with blends to suit Bean to Cup systems and Traditional Espresso Coffee Machines

    Full range of ground coffee products available, along with branded ancillaries like take out cups, sugar sticks and wrapped chocolates.

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    Topa De Coda Coffee Suppliers
  • Twinings Speciality Teas

    Full range of high quality teas suitable for Hotels, Restaurants, Coffee Shops and Offices

    Twinings Foodservice range is second to none, with catering staples like English Breakfast and Earl Grey, alongside the highly appraised Everyday blend range. Choose from tea bags, string and tag, envelope wrapped string and tag and even loose tea.

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    Twinings tea
  • Hot Chocolate Powder Mixes

    Including favourites Zuma Original Hot Chocolate and Cioccobon Thick Chocolate

    Our hot chocolate powder mixes are packed in bulk, representing great value for the caterer. The majority are designed to mix with hot milk, although we do offer instant hot chocolate mixes in both sachets and bulk.

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    Zuma Hot Chocolate

Commercial Coffee Suppliers Pennine Tea and Coffee

Based in Halifax West Yorkshire we supply the catering trade with coffee supplies including Cafes, restaurants, hotels, offices and Government institutions.

About Us...

Topa De Coda Espresso Coffee Beans

Fresh espresso extraction of Topa De Coda espresso coffee beans. 


Topa de coda is a premium UK brand of espresso coffee beans, blended and roasted in the Traditional Italian Artisan style, slowly in a drum roaster over a flame. This process ensures the coffee beans are roasted to their optimum, locking in the taste and flavour. Topa De Coda espresso coffee beans are roasted weekly, so you receive the freshest coffee providing the fullest espresso crema - great taste for your customers and a blank canvas for your Barista's latte art. Because we roast Topa de coda coffee beans in the UK, you get the coffee at it's freshest optimum, and to help lock in that fresh taste Topa de coda coffee is supplied in 500g bags - with one way valves to let roasting gasses out while keeping the coffee away from Oxygen - once you expose coffee beans to the air they will start to deteriate, so you only really  want as much coffee in the hopper as you need for a short period of service, and even less in the ground coffee dosing chamber.


Topa de coda espresso coffee beans provide branded back up with four sizes of branded cups and saucers - all featuring unique off centre saucers for coffee biscuits. In store and outside store point of sale establishes your coffee credentials, explaining why your coffee tastes better and what you do to make sure it stays fresh.


If you want to try out Topa de coda request a sample pack today, of course you will need to make sure you grinder is set correctly and your espresso machine is running correctly - if you are not sure read our guides to setting your grinder and checking your espresso machine.

Topa De Coda Espresso Coffee

Topa De Coda Branded Cups and Saucers.

Stylish espresso and cappuccino cups featuring off centre saucers

Topa De Coda Latte Art

Topa De Coda Speciality Coffee Menu

View speciaility coffee drinks and descriptions

Premium Italian style espresso coffee brand, roasted in the UK for the ultimate freshness. Commercial Coffee Roasters UK.

If you are looking for the best coffee around, you can not do better then Coffee bean wholesalers UK Pennine Tea and Coffee.

All items are supplied UK hallmarked and finished.
Note: All weights, sizes and prices are approximate.

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